Christmas on the Bilingual Brain

In deciding our own family’s Christmas season tradiciones, we’ve been on the hunt for Spanish resources that emphasize the message of Jesus being the main purpose for the holiday. These last few weeks, we’ve been watching these two videos below on repeat!


As mentioned before, sign language has been a huge communication help with Guapa who is absorbing two languages at the same time. Using sign language has served as a bridge as she can communicate clearly what she wants and needs, regardless of her current (English or Spanish) language situation.

So naturally we would find a sign language video from our favorite Rachel Coleman and her genius company Signing Time:

(And a little plug for their Christmas DVD that includes said YouTube video and lots more sign language lessons and songs: There’s a Christmas promo!)

Then si claro que I’ve been on the hunt for a Spanish video to again emphasize the true meaning of la Navidad: Jesus’ birthday! I finally found what I was looking for a couple weeks ago, and this video is so sweet as it uses all kids in the acting and features them dancing at the end, celebrating the arrival of the promised baby King!

So while Guapa has a couple videos on repeat as she learns about Jesus’ cumpleaños, I also have a video on repeat to help me learn a Spanish Christmas carol (un villancico navideño, as I’m also learning more Christmas vocabulary. The bilingual journey truly never ends!)

So I’ll leave you with the Burrito de Belen, a song Tico knows by heart from his childhood and I am just now learning this year. My favorite part is at 1:10 with a gibberish tongue twister: Tuquituquituquituiqui, Tuquituquituquita… Enjoy! And ifeliz navidad!

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