The Hard Days of Being Bilingual… An Encouragement Resource

I used to think of Pinterest as a virtual bulletin board with a waterfall of overwhelming ideas that bombarded me anytime I experimented with pinning. As I got the hang of it, I could see the dangerous potencial for Pinterest to become (yet another) quick comparison social media game.


While planning our 2014 wedding, I quickly got over this danger as typing in “wedding ideas” showered me with thousand dollar flower arrangements and dresses. Not happening, not on our budget. “DIY wedding” or “simple wedding” were much more helpful as we could realmente afford the ideas. (We pulled off our entire boda for $2,500! Maybe I should post about that? Could be slightly off topic… It was a Spanglish wedding though, I must say!)


I just recently discovered the gold mine that is the Pinterest bilingüe world. I do not know why I didn’t check there before for teaching and parenting ideas! Seriously, if you are on the hunt for ideas, this is the bulletin board to be at!

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So it’s a gold mine, huh? YES! For example, the slides below were found at this site and have been such an encouragement to me on THOSE. HARD. DIAS.

The days when my bilingual brain just can’t get to the right language channel.

The days when Guapa is more about the tantrums then practicing Los pollitos.

The days when I’m just downright critical of my second language abilities.

(It was time for a “keep it real” post around here… While I do have a lot of Spanish figured out, I’m certainly not disqualified from hard language days!)

So here’s where Pinterest steps in. Me in my desperate “I need help with language” mode can turn to Pinterest for ideas, insights, and inspiration. I am not physically surrounded by many other mamas embarking on bilingualism with their littles, so online Pinterest has been a go-to source of ideas. And the best parte? There’s no obligation to try everything I pin (as any pinner knows!)!!

This recent pin below (the slideshow)  comes from and has encouraged me on a hard day or two. I hope these ideas can encourage you as well!

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Where do you turn on days when you need language encouragement?

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