Music for Bilingual Kids: Biper & Friends

Once again I’ve turned to one of those best friend Internet sources (YouTube!) to dig into its Spanish songs for kids. We discovered Biper y sus amigos about a year or so ago, and we play his songs all the time in the car for Guapa. She doesn’t always see the video, but she’s dancing to the fun beats!

A quick YouTube search for Biper, El Patito Juan, or Tori el Robot will reveal this channel’s many opciones involving Biper and his friends talking and singing in a fast Argentine accent. It’s fun to listen to all the “shhhh” that happens in that Argentina dialecto!

***Quick accent lesson using the word “ella” to illustrate pronunciation differences:

  • Mexican Spanish = the double ll makes an English “y” sound = eYa
  • Costa Rican Spanish = the double ll makes an English “j” sound = eJa
  • Argentine Spanish = the double ll makes an English “sh” sound = eSHa

***Accents fun fact: Did you know that English accents are based on vowel pronunciation while Spanish accents are based on consonant pronunciation?

Back to Biper!

Without sending you on a rabbit chase to find your favorite Biper songs, here are Guapa’s and my top 5 picks!

1. David y Goliat 

A fast-paced account of the Bible story in which a young David defeats giant Goliath with just a slingshot and a stone. A fun way to teach kids about this fascinating battle!

2. Obedece a tu papá

Another Bible-based song that gives kids advice about obeying their parents. This particular version has the lyrics on the video, so that can be really helpful for learning the words for yourself. Set to a fun beat that we frequently listen to in the car!

3. Muévete para el Señor

A cute kid-friendly reminder to look at nature and how it reflects God’s love for us. This is one of my favorites!

4. Pican los mosquitos

Silly fun about itchy mosquito bites. Practice body parts and pronoun/verb order with your littles with this one! Added bonus that it’s a typical merengue/cumbia beat.

5. Cepillo mis dientes

Another silly tune about the importance and how-to of brushing your teeth! With more than 34 million views, I think it’s fair to say this one is super popular!

So there you have it — a great YouTube resource with Biper y sus amigos! personajes

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