Language Strategy: When Life is a Tidal Wave

Well, after a couple of intense meses (i.e. December and January) of getting the blog up and running, February hit like a tidal wave. Ever had that happen before? If you’re humano and busy, we’re probably in the same boat, at times enjoying the peaceful calm and sunshine; other times using whatever bucket that’s handy to scoop water out of our boat, avoiding the possibility of capsizing.

You know, survival mode.

Vea, I do this thing by day called TEACHING and these things by night and weekends called WIFE-ING and MOMMY-ING, and the whole teaching routine has been near impossible to keep within the bounds of work time lately… several huge proyectos to grade plus report cards plus a gazillion meetings before/during/after school…

Unfortunately, things that I love (like blogging and reading and working out and sleeping…) get put on the back burner por un tiempo.


Guapa sees her shadow on Groundhog Day!

Despite life feeling like a tidal wave the last few weeks, we continue in our language habits, even if the routine habits are a bit wacky.

Language habits like only speaking to Guapa in español.

Sounds crazy, I know, especially since it is still (and always will be) my second language. But the more I talk to her in Spanish, the more I am forced to learn how to say cosas I still don’t know how to say.

Among the realm of speaking Spanish to Guapa, these wonderful moments have happened recently:

  • Playing Spanish music in the evenings. There’s even been a spontaneous dance party! (Salsa, in case you’re wondering, ha!)
  • Asking Guapa “quiz” questions like, “Donde esta un carro, mami?” to see if she points at a car… She’s starting to catch on to the game!
  • Saying, “Sabes que?” and hearing her respond, “Amo!” (I say “You know what?” and then she says her version of  “I love you!”)

Melts my heart, every time.

So even in the midst of life’s boat seeming to capsize, stick to your language plan and trust that the dailiness of being bilingual will continue to marinate your child’s mind. You will see fruit, little by little!

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