Language Inventory at 2 Years Old

I gave up on this post a few times…

I have tried. I have made valiant efforts, I promise.

And I have to finally admit it! I can’t keep up!


Her language abilities are evolving daily, if not momentarily, and keeping a list of words she can say is no longer adequate.

So here’s my best effort at a language inventory, because something is better than nothing, right?

We’ll include a few videos this time around so it’s not just me talking about her talking, but you can actually hear her for yourself!

(Bonus: She’s just so stinking cute!)

Language Comprehension:

My mom (Nana) had an interesting observation a couple weeks ago that when she was changing Guapa’s diaper and using words like diaper, diaper cream, change, etc., that Guapa gave her a blank look, like she didn’t know what Nana was talking about. Her observation was that Guapa responds to Tico and I speaking Spanish about diaper changes (She’ll even throw away the diaper when we tell her to!), but she didn’t respond at all to Nana’s English.

Thankfully, Nana isn’t concerned (and neither am I!). Guapa will eventually learn how to talk about diapers in English (because we all know that’s am important skill, ha!) but for now she’s got the Spanish vocab necessary for listening and following directions. I’m sure we’ll see examples of this with her over and over again as she has the vocabulary down in one language but not the other. This is a normal part of the growth process for any multilingual person!

Sign Language – continues to use when we don’t understand what she’s trying to say or when she’s not yet saying the word.

Newly acquired: Tia/Tio, Abuela, Music, Nice, Plane

Spoken Language – mostly one/two words at a time, starting to put three/four words together

Here’s where my lists failed me… My lists of 30-40 words seemed inadequate to describe what she is able to do these days… So here’s a better attempt.

Categories of language: names of food (both), body parts (Spanish), colors (English), Counting 1-2-3 (Spanish), animal sounds (both), commands stop/go/wait (English), names of animals (mixture of both), outside (flower/sky/star) (English), vehicles bus/car/bici/moto/plane (Spanish) (and if it’s a big car, it’s always a bus)

She’s entering the “parrot” stage where she’ll try to repeat 3-4 word phrases that anyone else just said.

She also regularly jabbers away in her own gibberish language. I’m pretty sure she’s speaking in complete sentences, ha, but I really have no idea!

Adorable “Cami-speak”

Motorcycle = Mo-mo

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