Resource: Most Recent YouTube Channels

 (Yes, thank you, I know that screen time for little people should be limited. Yes, we have limits in place for Guapa. And yes, we know that YouTube videos are known for being tagged one thing and being completely another thing (usually not child appropriate)… )…

Well, now we have the disclaimer out of the way. Whew!

Okay, so when Guapa has some screen time, here are our two recent go-to channels where we know the whole family will enjoy being immersed in Spanish :).

Up first — BLIPPI!

It’s this great kids’ show first created in English and now available with a Spanish voiceover (There’s also a French version, if you’re interested). Guapa loves these videos because they teach her about something in real life — the grocery store, a children’s museum, or this below – a ranch with horses and big tractors!

And here’s the whole channel in Spanish, in case you want to check that out! 


When Tico was growing up, he would watch episodes of this show about a family with 5 kids. The theme song is so cute, saying (translated), “Let’s go to bed, it’s time to rest… so that tomorrow, we can get up with the sun!”

Maybe that’s why Guapa loves this new version of La Familia Telerin because she often gets up with the sun too…

Anyway, here’s the theme song for you to listen to yourself:

What I enjoy about this YouTube channel is that I can learn traditional Spanish children’s songs right alongside Guapa! And to check out the whole channel: 

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