Resource: Most Recent YouTube Channels

 (Yes, thank you, I know that screen time for little people should be limited. Yes, we have limits in place for Guapa. And yes, we know that YouTube videos are known for being tagged one thing and being completely another thing (usually not child appropriate)… )…

Well, now we have the disclaimer out of the way. Whew!

Okay, so when Guapa has some screen time, here are our two recent go-to channels where we know the whole family will enjoy being immersed in Spanish :).

Up first — BLIPPI!

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Book Recommendation: Love in Translation: Letters to My Costa Rican Daughter


Love in Translation: Letters to My Costa Rican Daughter

By Katherine Stanley Obando

I’ve never met Katherine in real life. It’s one of those friendships where you actually have never heard each other’s voices. Sounds a bit strange, yes? Let me explain.

Katherine and I (also Kathryn!) are both part of an online group of women that talk about bicultural issues, particularly family and marriage questions. This group was started by my Costa Rica best friend Trish (who’s actually from Ohio and also married to a tico!), who also has a cultural blog here. We’ve all enjoyed connecting with other women all around the world that are also in this bilingual adventure we call bicultural marriage.

And that is how I met Katherine. She is naturally super-excited about her new book Love in Translation: Letters to My Costa Rican Daughter, based on her personal blog, and of course she shared it with our group conversation. And since I’m such a lover of all things reading (in my 5 seconds of free time), I went straight to and bought it.

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Music for Bilingual Kids: Biper & Friends

Once again I’ve turned to one of those best friend Internet sources (YouTube!) to dig into its Spanish songs for kids. We discovered Biper y sus amigos about a year or so ago, and we play his songs all the time in the car for Guapa. She doesn’t always see the video, but she’s dancing to the fun beats!

A quick YouTube search for Biper, El Patito Juan, or Tori el Robot will reveal this channel’s many opciones involving Biper and his friends talking and singing in a fast Argentine accent. It’s fun to listen to all the “shhhh” that happens in that Argentina dialecto!

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The Hard Days of Being Bilingual… An Encouragement Resource

I used to think of Pinterest as a virtual bulletin board with a waterfall of overwhelming ideas that bombarded me anytime I experimented with pinning. As I got the hang of it, I could see the dangerous potencial for Pinterest to become (yet another) quick comparison social media game.


While planning our 2014 wedding, I quickly got over this danger as typing in “wedding ideas” showered me with thousand dollar flower arrangements and dresses. Not happening, not on our budget. “DIY wedding” or “simple wedding” were much more helpful as we could realmente afford the ideas. (We pulled off our entire boda for $2,500! Maybe I should post about that? Could be slightly off topic… It was a Spanglish wedding though, I must say!)


I just recently discovered the gold mine that is the Pinterest bilingüe world. I do not know why I didn’t check there before for teaching and parenting ideas! Seriously, if you are on the hunt for ideas, this is the bulletin board to be at!

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Our (Current) Top Three Bilingual Resources

My original purpose for learning español was focused on a teaching career path: Learn Spanish in Costa Rica, come back stateside and find a bilingual job. Ideally* with a bilingual job, all resources would be given to me with a memo, “Teach this.”

*(Note ideally… I have done plenty of inventing and curriculum writing while in a bilingüe teaching position in the last few years… but that’s a post for another day.)

And then life had a different direction: Family focused. It’s funny how a new area of language development gives me flashbacks to those first vulnerable days. I have been pushed to continue the growth proceso by becoming a mom.

When Tico and I found out we were pregnant, we dreamed before Guapa’s arrival about how much we value being bilingual and how we wanted to pass that on to her. Then during my maternity leave with my newborn Guapa, I had an abrupt reality check when I realized that speaking only Spanish with my daughter would require me to re-learn “kid language.”

Think about that for a second… As adults, we generally talk to the little people in our lives a bit differently than we do fellow adults.

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